Good writing—and a good content strategy—will help grow any business.

My Expertise

I write. I’m a writer. And I love it.

People and organizations like it when I write for them. Because when a writer does what he loves, he does it well.

As a communications manager for the Iron Workers Union, I write more than ever, producing high-quality, high-impact content across a variety of platforms: multiple websites, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, magazines—and more. And I leverage our online network of content sources to ensure maximum exposure—to the right people—for the organization. Good writing—and a good content strategy—will help grow any business, as my good writing has done for the Iron Workers.

Press releases, feature articles, blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates. You name, it I’ve produced it with love for a client.

In addition to writing for the Iron Workers, I’ve also produced blog content for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington, which I wove together in a highly effective, integrated social media campaign.

I freelance. I’ve written for blogs and magazines. I’ve produced works of fiction—both short stories and novellas. In high school, I even started my own magazine.

And I can write for you.

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My Credo

  • I believe writing is a necessary skill.
  • I believe writing is a gateway to growth and innovation for both individuals and organizations.
  • I believe that people everywhere should learn to write and should write well.
  • I believe that writing should be an accessible art, for both writers and the readers they write for.

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